Group Meeting

My  first group meeting.  Lovely ladies.  I almost feel like a fraud.  My cancer is “only” a Stage 0, albeit a Grade 2.  Everyone is nice, though.  Noone compares notes (mine is worse than yours).  Everyone is supportive.

One woman frets that she’s always eaten healthy and exercised.  Another that her son is not there for her.  Another that’s she’s alone.

No, I shouldn’t use the word “fret”.  They don’t fret.  They….  I don’t know the word to use.  They don’t complain.  They don’t just recite the facts of their case.   They simply tell their stories.  There’s no self-pity.  No why me. No sorrow really.  Not even fear that I can detect.  They tell their stories with humor, goodwill toward others, welcoming.

Cancer is simply a part of who they are, but not all they are.


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